15 February 2016 to 18 February 2016

Kalpataru Project at Studio Aorang - Edition I

At no point in history have more people been enslaved than are currently forced into labor and the sex trade by human traffickers. Women and girls comprise 98% of all those trafficked into forced prostitution. Urmi Basu, Founder/Director of New Light, Kolkata, India, and Zuleikha, Founder/Director of The Storydancer Project, have collaborated to create Kalpataru - a groundbreaking restorative program for women trafficked in the sex trade.

The activities through these 4 days include Meditation through Yoga and Pranayam, Storytelling through dance and movement, self expression through paint and clay modelling , restorative health care involving Ayurvedic nutrition and diet , beauty , spa and selfcare leading to recovery, healing and higher self esteem.