7 September 2018

New Light-MCKS Dry Food Hamper Distribution

SincePoverty, food insecurity and poor nutrition in the population are important contributors to the burden of tuberculosis (TB). For poor and food-insecure individuals, accessing and successfully completing anti-tuberculosis treatment over an extended period of time is challenging. Food and nutritional support as an incentive and enabler is employed by national TB control programmes (NTPs) worldwide as a means to encourage treatment initiation and adherence and to improve the nutritional status of patients with TB. Direct benefit transfers often may not be the best way to ensure that tuberculosis patients get essential nutrition.
New Light Kolkata in partnership MCKS- Food for Hungry, Kolkata conducted its second dry food hamper distribution program to 30 patients on 7 September 2018. The awareness event and food hamper distribution was attended by Mrs. Neena Saha, Director - MCKS-Food for Hungry. Gratitude to all in this great initiative!