30 March 2016

Hathor Series - Musical Concert & Health Camp

New Light thanks Kolkata Classics Club for selecting it to be a partner organization for the first event of the Hathor series in Kolkata. The series aimed to bring a rare musical experience along with services of healthcare, immunization, civic and financial access to the children and women of the Kalighat community.

The evening saw highly talented and accomplished classical pianists Jennifer Heemstra and Chanda VanderHart present a unique four hand presentation of both classical and contemporary compositions. The crowd was brought to its feet by the charming and talented Sandeep Vyas & DJ Sanjeev who performed both western and Bollywood songs in his inimitable energetic style.

More than 250 women and 200 children participated in the health fair having access to medical care and leaving happy with their bags of presents. The purpose of this evening was to bring together communities and individuals who are challenged in accessing the beauty and joy of music transcending barriers of socio-economic levels, education, class and lineage. Happy and proud of this unique partnership.