9 September 2017

Udita by Vikramshila Graduation Ceremony

Udita, Inspiring Empowerment for Young Women', a career leadership program, aims to reach out to young women, survivors of trafficking and gender based violence with minimal exposure to education and mostly to the English Language and offer a capacity building program on Communicative English, Career Counselling, Digital Literacy and Financial Literacy.
It strives to ensure that these survivors feel enabled and empowered to speak for themselves and their rights. The program perceives English as an empowering tool, something that will give these women the edge to compete in a variety of life and work situations. Six months swiftly passed by and today we take the opportunity to congratulate our graduates from New Light Kolkata - Krishna Sarkar, Puja Sarder and Barsha Sarkar for making us this proud and for transforming themselves and emerging as much more confident beings.