21-23 November 2017

Kalpataru @ The Dum Dum Correctional Home

Immensely grateful to bring the healing powers of Kalpataru, a three day healing and restorative workshop for survivors involving yoga, meditation, dance, movement, play with clay and art, to the women inmates at the Dum Dum Correctional home on its second edition. What one comes away with is the power of human resilience and fragility of freedom that we take so much for granted. A joint project of New Light Kolkata and The Story Dancer Project, Kalpataru leaves behind understanding, compassion and love. It is just one defining moment that separates life of freedom to captivity. As we all said goodbye to the twenty five participants at the workshop our only prayer was not to see them again within the confines of the prison. We wished them courage and resilience to face whatever life is there to bring for them. What an experience to witness a story being given a new life.