Aptly named Play-School "Jhinuk" (meaning "a shell that nurtures a pearl or the first spoon used to feed a baby" in Bengali) is the newest addition to the bouquet of projects implemented by New Light for the welfare of women in prostitution and their children. "Jhinuk" meets the growing demand from mothers to strengthen intervention for the welfare of toddlers and older out-of-school children whose needs are largely neglected.

The school follows the Montessori system of teaching and accommodates toddlers and older children up to the age of five, counting to 27 young aspirants. Teachers are trained in the Montessori Method of teaching and adequate supplies of appropriate equipments; make learning a pleasure for the little ones. "Jhinuk" focuses on developing the schooling habit and grooms children to join the mainstream schools at the right age. Equally important is that "Jhinuk" addresses the health and nutritional needs of the children; they receive nutritious mid-morning snacks and lunch. Provisions are also in place for regular health checkups and vaccination.

Address : 162 Kalighat Road. Kolkata - 700026