Join us as an Intern

New Light offers short and long term internship opportunities ranging between one month to six months to students of social work, law, development studies, nursing, pedagogy, international cooperation, photography etc.

Interns are also encouraged to present their independent projects and work with the children. International students need to apply at least three months in advance. A team of experts evaluate and certify the quality of work at the end of the training period.

Duration of work - Minimum of one month

Certificate issued

Guidelines for overseas and local volunteers and interns in New Light

  • Volunteers/interns are requested to behave professionally with the children in New Light at all times.
  • Volunteers/interns are requested not to visit individual homes of the children without taking the permission from the authority, New Light. If any volunteer/ intern want to meet the parents of any child, the meeting should be held within the premises of New Light.
  • Volunteers/ interns are requested to discuss directly with the authority primarily, incase they observe anything objectionable.
  • Volunteers/ interns should not be biased towards any children of New Light. Children may discuss their views with the volunteers/interns. Volunteers/ interns should be a listener but should not come to any conclusion immediately. They are requested to discuss the same with the authority if necessary.
  • Volunteers/ interns are requested not to let any children handle their personal objects like mobile phones, tab or any other gazettes.
  • Volunteers/ interns should not involve any children associated and any person belonging to the community in any kind of activities/events outside New Light.
  • The children in New Light are from challenged background so try to be emphatic towards them without being sympathetic.
  • Your respect is our respect. We encourage our volunteers/ interns to maintain the same.

Any violation of the above mentioned rules will be taken as serious offence and actions will be taken accordingly.