Media advocacy centre

Over the past fifteen years 'New Light' has evolved into a comprehensive community development project to empower people with no opportunity in their lives so that they can live with greater dignity and courage.

New Light is now ready to enter the world of "Alternative Cultural Activities" through "New Light Media Centre" where exhibitions, seminars, workshops, documentation, film screening, video launch, music launch, book launch, performances as well as press meets take place with its holistic and customized experience. Inventing and promoting young talents, cultural performer and providing them a space where they can express creatively freely and boldly along with fighting for a radical shift in approaches to end gender violence to bring about change through Nirbhaya Diwas Press Meet.

On March 27, 2013, 'New Light Media Centre' was inaugurated to be used as an Alternative Art Space where everybody would have an opportunity to learn and interact from the vast expertise, knowledge, archives, collection through seminars and workshops, which would evolve over the time. Young artists and their Gurus, performers, film-makers, writers, thinkers, and scholars will also have access to represent and showcase their excellence, expressions, knowledge, thoughts in New Light Media Centre.

New Light Media Centre is providing a space where "identity" is not the criteria, it is the "wholeness" that is more important, thus creating a platform where performers, their performances and the audience, are equally important and creates bondages.

Address : 361 Jodhpur Park. Opposite EEDF Hospital. Kolkata - 700068