safe shelter

It is every child`s right to grow up in a world that is safe and secure in every aspect. Unfortunately for years the issue of child safety and security remained a matter of lower priority in India. Recent research reveals that fifty percent of all children in India are abused either physically or sexually or both. What comes as a shock is that fifty four percent of those are boys. As is the case with many other social evils the ugly head of child abuse and molestation remained covered in the shroud of denial for the longest time.

But in the digital age when the world is watching the entire nation has to wake up to these disturbing facts and take action. At New Light the need for a safe shelter could not be more urgent. In the lanes of many red light districts where the mothers need to work in the evenings and sometimes all night long children are often left with indifferent adult supervision or are totally unattended. Years ago the founder and other members of New Light felt the need to provide a safe and secure shelter for the children of the community which resulted in the creation of a program that began with an evening creche. The same services today have been extended to all other programs under New Light which try to guarantee highest level of child safety and security.