Creche cum Shelter

What began as a creche for 8 children in two rooms in a dark alley of Kalighat, fourteen years ago, has evolved into a 24/7 program for more than 200 kids today. The creche cum shelter, located in a permanent structure above a temple situated deep inside the Kalighat red light district, offers comprehensive care and support to the children ranging from a few months old to sixteen years.

This was the first creche operating in a red light area that started with children as young as three months old. The strength of the New Light creche lies on its operational timing as it provides the sex worker mothers, an opportunity to keep their young kids in safe and loving custody of the caretakers.

Most children from the neighbouring areas use the shelter as a drop-in center where they can rest, play, read or acquire computer skills. During the day the shelter is abuzz with the continuous stream of children who attend the local schools and come to relax at the shelter after a hard day outside.

For many of the kids whose mothers don't have any permanent residence the shelter is the only place they can call their own.

The supports offered at the shelter are
  1. Nutrition
  2. Education
  3. Healthcare
  4. Recreational Facility
  5. Art and creative therapy
  6. Computer training
  7. Dance and music therapy
  8. Sports
  9. Creative writings opportunities and
  10. Theatre

Address : 162 Kalighat Road. Kolkata - 700026