New Light started its fight against human trafficking, rescue and rehabilitation, fifteen years back. But only in 2012 did New Light give a name to its struggle against human trafficking, called Unmochon, its Anti-Human Trafficking wing. We mainly work on rescue, rehabilitation and restoration. We work with Community Based Organizations in areas like the North 24 Parganas, Murshidabad etc and also other smaller NGO's with similar views and aspirations.

According to some estimates, worldwide, as many as 27 million people end up as victims of human trafficking annually. 80 percent of the victims are female and up to 50 percent children. Majority of the victims are used for sexual exploitation and others for bonded labor, domestic work, military conscription, marriage, illicit adoption, sport, begging or organ harvesting.

The majority of sex workers who come to Kolkata via trafficking are not kidnapped but lured, coaxed and cajoled with false promises or offer of help out of a crisis situation. Force is used later after the women (girls) have already been sold. Mashis (brothel owners/older sex workers) use friendship, sympathy, also veiled threats to convince the women that it is now in their best interest to conform and begin working.

Kolkata is a source, destination and transit point for human trafficking. The city receives women from Bangladesh and Nepal as well as from the rural districts of W. Bengal and neighboring states. According to a recent newspaper report, more than 2500 young girls disappeared without a trace over a one year period- most of them likely victims of trafficking. The city functions as a transit place from where Indian, Nepalese and Bangladeshi women are taken to red-light areas in other cities such as Mumbai, or even to other countries in the Middle East.